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IPhone Giving Android the Business in Enterprise

The Android onslaught may be winning territory in the consumer market, but in enterprise it’s a different story entirely. There, Apple’s iOS devices are far outpacing Android devices in market share.*

According to Intermedia, the largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider globally, 61 percent of the ActiveSync-based smartphones activated on its service are iPhones. Just 17 percent are Android handsets. And while Android’s share is growing–in April, for example, it rose to 33 percent, it’s still far exceeded by the iPhone, whose April share grew to 64 percent.

In tablets, the gap between the two operating systems is even more vast. Of the tablets activated on Intermedia in April, 99.68 percent were iPads. The remainder were Samsung Galaxys, Motorola Xooms and Huawei S7s, which accounted for a piddling .16 percent collectively.

*And Research in Motion’s BlackBerry dwarfs them both. However, it was not included in Intermedia’s study, which focused solely on ActiveSync devices.