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PlayBook Launch Strategy Revealed: Delayed Gratification!

Despite a launch marred by lousy execution, PR gaffes and middling reviews, there’s still promise in Research in Motion’s PlayBook–particularly once the company addresses its early shortcomings.

First-day sales weren’t jaw-dropping–estimates range from 30,000-50,000 units sold, including pre-orders–but the consensus seems to be that they’ll ramp up as RIM gets the PlayBook to where it really should have been at launch, the marketing efforts take hold and distribution, evidently quite limited yesterday, expands.

One of the many analyst notes I read in prepping this post included an entire section entitled “Delayed Gratification,” if that gives you a better idea of the thinking here. Rushing the PlayBook to market was unwise and RIM will pay for that in the short term. But in the long term?

“After ‘playing’ with the PlayBook for the past few days, we largely concur with most of the reviews of the device,” says Morgan Keegan analyst Tavis McCourt. “Its application selection is poor in both quality and quantity currently, which limit its consumer appeal relative to the iPad2. However, everything else about it is really high quality and innovative. In our opinion, this device is an Amazon app (for ebooks, movies, tv, etc…) and a native PIM app away from being a serious competitor to iPad2, both of which we suspect are coming over the next few months.”

[Image credit: Illustration by Joy of Tech]