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Where’s the Other Twin, Sergey Brin, Been During GoogQuake?

Newly restored CEO Larry Page wasted no time in reorganizing Google during his first week on the job, promoting seven executivesmost of whom are more techie than manager types–to oversee Google’s most important divisions.

It’s definitely been a significant swing of the pendulum, one that immediately transforms the company from a cross-functional organization to an ambidextrous one and a big move that puts the Google co-founder Page at the center of the action.

But what of Google’s other co-founder, Sergey Brin? Where has he been he in all this?

No longer president of technology, the party line has Brin working strategic projects.

And that’s true, according to many sources, who say he’s been doing things such as working with entrepreneurs–such as Slide’s Max Levchin–and also on the more fast-forward computing projects at the company.

But sources also say he’s been very active behind the scenes in Google’s management streamlining.

“He’s not involved in the day-to-day so much,” said one. “But his presence is definitely felt in these executive shifts.”

“Nothing’s changed,” said another. “It’s still ‘Bosom Buddies’ up there.”

That would be the kitschy television sitcom in which two guys–a very young Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari–dressed up like ladies to live in a women-only apartment complex.

There were, of course, hijinks galore, as there have been at Google, where Page has settled into the star-making Hanks role and Brin the other guy.

And it probably always will be that way, regardless of who’s doing what.

“What do I think’s going to happen to Sergey going forward” said a former employee. “Nothing he doesn’t want to happen. Larry was always more interested in running things than Sergey and I’m pretty sure Sergey’s fine with him having all the headaches that entails.”

To give you a glimpse into that relationship, what would be better than the opening from “Bosom Buddies,” with the incredibly perfect song–“My Life” by Billy Joel: