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IBM Already Unimpressed With Unannounced HP Strategy

150_extra_engineers_thumbIBM won’t be making scoffing noises from the back of the room at Hewlett-Packard’s big strategy meeting in San Francisco today, but that isn’t stopping the company’s execs from blowing a few raspberries in the media.

In an interview with The Financial Times, Mike Daniels, SVP of IBM’s Global Technology Services and a potential successor to CEO Sam Palmisano, took a few shots at HP–particularly its approach to integrated software and services. To Daniels, HP’s approach is both unwieldy and dated and pretty much guarantees IBM will retain its lead in software and services, no matter what sort of strategy HP CEO Léo Apotheker lays out today. “It’s not like we have a company that has a software strategy and then a services strategy or a hardware strategy,” Daniels said. “I think it would take a long time for anybody to accumulate the kind of capability that we have.”

And will have in the future. IBM plans to spend about $20 billion on acquisitions through 2015, a significant portion of it, presumably, to further cement its lead in software and services.