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Apple’s iPad 2 Event by the Numbers

The most important numbers by far at Apple’s special event in San Francisco today were 2 (as in iPad 2) and 4.3 (as in iOS 4.3). But there plenty of others as well, each a testament to Apple’s continuing dominance of the smartphone and tablet markets. Below, a quick rundown of all the metrics trotted out this morning.

  • 100 million iBooks downloaded
  • 2,500 publishers on iBookstore
  • 200 million iTunes accounts, each with a user identity and credit card number
  • $2 billion in profits paid out to App Store developers
  • 100 million iPhones sold to date
  • Nearly 15 million iPads sold in 2010–more than every tablet PC ever sold
  • Those 15 million iPads generated $9.5 billion in revenue
  • And they gave iPad a greater than 90 percent share of the tablet market
  • More than 350,000 apps in Apple’s App Store
  • 65,000 of those have been optimized for iPad
  • Far more than the 100 or so that Google’s Android Honeycomb OS will debut with.