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LG Announces Customs Agent Chaos For PS3

LG Electronics has made good on its threat to block the import of PlayStation 3 consoles into Europe. The Guardian reports that the Hague has granted LG a preliminary injunction against Sony, which it claims has unfairly built some of its patented Blu-ray technology into the product.

Evidently, customs officials seized “tens of thousands” of PS3s in the Netherlands earlier this week and will do the same to any further shipments that arrive there for the next 10 days. Sony, which ironically begat these hostilities by filing patent-infringement claims seeking to block LG from selling mobile phones in the United States, is said to be frantically working to have the ban repealed.

Reached for comment, Sony had very little to say on the matter. “We’re investigating the situation, but cannot comment on it at this time,” said Dan Race of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Meanwhile, LG is plotting its next move, which could include a play to have the 10-day import ban extended–or a court order to have the consoles destroyed.