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Bing’s Search Share Is Growing? Must Be All Those “Hiybbprqag” Searches, Eh Google?

Some encouraging new search metrics for Bing. Experian Hitwise data for January shows Microsoft’s search engine with 12.81 percent of the market, up from 10.6 percent in December–a 21 percent gain. Add to that the 14.62 percent share claimed by the now-powered-by-Bing Yahoo and Bing’s got more than a quarter of the U.S. search market. Which is nowhere near the 67.95 percent Google controls, but represents a generous improvement over the paltry market share Microsoft used to hold in the best-forgotten Live Search days.

Even more interesting, though, is Experian’s finding that Bing’s success rate–the number of searches that result in a visit to a Web site–is better than Google’s. Significantly better. Bing’s success rate: 81.68 percent. Google’s: 65.57 percent.

Must have been all those searches on hiybbprqag and torsorapy screwing things up for you–right, Google?