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Pixelmator Co-Founder: Mac App Store’s 30 Percent Cut “Definitely Worth It”

Here’s a hell of a developer testimonial for Apple’s new Mac App Store. Pixelmator just hit the million-dollar milestone. And it’s been available in the App Store for only 20 days. Quite a feat for an indie image-editing app competing with some leviathan rivals.

Pixelmator co-founder Aidas Dailide told me the company sold about 33,000 copies of the software at $29.99–a limited-time discount from its standard $59 price–to gross $1 million. And he said he had no problem paying Apple the 30 percent cut of sales it demands of App Store vendors, something critics have labeled “the Apple Toll.”

“The 30 percent cut is definitely worth it,” he said. “The increase in sales and exposure is worth much more than that. Especially in our case.” And just how much of a sales increase from the pre-App Store days did Pixelmator experience? Dailide wouldn’t say, though he did remark that “the jump in sales was dramatic.”

Which is a point worth noting, because earlier this month Pixelmator made the Mac App Store its exclusive sales channel.