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AT&T: Verizon iPhone? Whatever.

AT&T was quick to react to Verizon’s iPhone announcement, though it wasted very few words on it.

“For iPhone users who want the fastest speeds, the ability to talk and use apps at the same time, and unsurpassed global coverage, the only choice is AT&T,” the company said in a terse e-mailed statement, stressing the differences between the two companies’ networks. Remember, AT&T’s UMTS network allows the use of data and voice simultaneously. Verizon’s CMDA network doesn’t–at least not yet. So, initially, Verizon iPhone users won’t be able to use the Web or check email while on a call–something AT&T iPhone users have long been able to do.

Here’s Apple COO Tim Cook giving a non-answer to a question about the data/voice issue. Or rather, the same answer he gave throughout the event: Verizon customers really want the iPhone.

Translation: You guys wanted a Verizon iPhone and now you have one. Ok? Now stop whining and leave me alone.