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Verizon Event Set for Tuesday–iPhone Time

Update: Apple CEO Likely to Appear at Verizon iPhone Event

And there it is: Verizon will hold a special event at New York City’s Lincoln Center (Frederick P. Rose Hall) on Jan. 11–next Tuesday. No details on its focus, but sources close to the company tell me this will indeed prove to be the long-rumored Verizon iPhone announcement. Question now is will Apple CEO Steve Jobs join Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdam onstage to make it. Remember, while there’s an enormous amount of interest in the Verizon iPhone, this really isn’t much more than a carrier announcement — for last year’s iPhone. If it were more (e.g., a hardware announcement), you can bet the event would be in Cupertino or San Francisco.

Below, the event invite, which I’m posting here despite Verizon’s mandate not to. Just hope it doesn’t result in a personalized data cap.