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Apple Looking for New CFO? Apple Says Nope.

shut-up-foolIs Apple on the hunt for a new CFO?

The company says it’s not, but “people familiar with the matter” tell Bloomberg otherwise. They claim Apple approached Blackstone CFO Laurence Tosi about taking on the role, which has been held by Peter Oppenheimer since 2004, and he turned it down. Good thing for Oppenheimer since, according to Apple spokesman Steve Dowling, he “loves the company and is extremely happy in his role.”

And apparently it’s a mutual affection. The response from the company is straightforward: “Peter is not leaving Apple. We are not conducting a CFO search.”

Of course that doesn’t mean it didn’t approach Tosi, nor does it kick the legs totally out from under Bloomberg’s narrative. Apple’s statement says only that it’s not currently conducting a search. It says nothing about searches it might have conducted in the recent past or any discussion it may or may not have had with Tosi.