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You Forgot “Think Different,” HP

Now that Hewlett-Packard’s gotten its webOS printers out of the way, the company’s moving on to the much more exciting business of mobile devices. Moments ago, the company distributed invitations to a Feb. 9 event in San Francisco promising “an exciting webOS announcement.”

Presumably that means we’ll be seeing the company’s eagerly anticipated “PalmPad” webOS tablet, though the invitation leaves room for other devices as well. “Think big. Think small. Think beyond,” it reads.

You forgot “Think different,” guys. Or, better yet, “Think original.”

Seem to have forgotten the Palm name as well …

Quips aside, it’s going to be very interesting to see what Palm’s been able to accomplish with HP’s heft behind it. Certainly the company’s decision to showcase its new webOS products at a big solo event in San Francisco, rather than at CES this week, suggests it’s got some exciting new hardware to show off.