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The iPad: “The Mac of the Masses”

In addition to an early lead in the tablet market, the iPad appears to have given Apple something potentially more valuable: A foothold in the budget-conscious demographic that has typically paid little attention to it.

In a note to clients today, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recounts his observations from a Black Friday spent surveying Apple stores, revealing that Apple is selling more iPads per hour than Macs and it’s selling them to folks who may not have considered Apple affordable until now.

On average, Apple stores sold 8.8 iPads and 8.2 Macs per hour on Black Friday, according to Munster’s calculations (click image to enlarge).

That’s not a vast difference, but it’s enough of one for Munster to reiterate his estimate of 5.5 million iPads vs. 4.2 million Macs sold in the December quarter, and to make the following observation.

“The iPad is gaining traction (driven by lower price vs. the Mac) among demographics in which the Mac has historically not been successful,” he writes. “The bottom line is that Apple’s addressable market is expanding with the iPad, and as a result, we believe the potential for upside from the iPad increases over the next 12 months….The iPad is reaching new demographics, becoming the Mac of the masses.”

The iPad is the Mac of the masses.

That’s a charming little soundbite, and while it might cause the more skeptical among you to raise an eyebrow, remember this: The iPad is the fastest-selling consumer electronics product in history.

[Image credit: Gizmodo commenter Ahubbuch and ACSI ]