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Nokia N8 Engine Trouble Traced to Assembly Line

The delayed Nokia N8 hasn’t been on the market two months and it’s already been hit with manufacturing problems. The company acknowledged Thursday that some first-run devices are affected by a hardware issue that causes them to power down and refuse to power back up again.

“We have narrowed [the issue] down to the way we assemble the engines,” Nokia Executive Vice President Niklas Savander explained, adding that the number of devices affected is small in comparison to the total number shipped. “However, for the one individual where it’s not working, it is, of course, a significant issue. As a precautionary measure we have taken immediate action across the product line.”

A tough break for Nokia and the N8, its long-awaited marquee smartphone and the first to run the Symbian 3 OS. Said Strategy Analytics Neil Mawston, “This doesn’t help the Nokia brand, that’s for sure. The problems have been mounting for the past few years and every little negative headline adds to that. It’s not a great start for their supposed iPhone or Android killer.”


[Image credit: Flickr/Christchurch City Libraries]