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HP to Oracle: Leave Léo Alone!

Oracle attorney David Boies’s call for Hewlett-Packard CEO Léo Apotheker to testify in its trial against SAP drew a quick response from HP, which continues to dismiss Oracle’s efforts to put him on the stand as harassment and nothing more.

“As HP has said repeatedly, Oracle had ample opportunity to question Léo in the two years after he gave a full-day deposition,” a spokesperson told me Friday evening. “Léo was never asked to give an additional deposition. As HP and SAP have noted, Oracle chose not to include Léo as a live trial witness until after he was named CEO of HP. Léo had a limited role in the matter and Oracle’s current stance is clear proof that they have been trying to harass Léo and interfere with his work at HP.”

Point meet counterpoint. That said, Oracle likely would have been most interested in deposing Apotherker a second time after SAP’s stipulation to liability for contributory infringement. And that didn’t occur until October 29, 2010.