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The Shipping News: Plenty of iPhones for the Holidays

It’s taken the better part of four months, but iPhone 4 supply has finally caught up with demand. Ship times for the device fell to 24 hours yesterday for the first time since its June launch, which bodes well for Apple as it it heads into the holiday season.

“We believe the iPhone should see continued solid growth into the December quarter with support from improved inventory in the US,” Barclay’s analyst Ben Reitzes said in a note to clients today. “Apple has now expanded distribution to Target (Target also sells the iPad) to join others including Apple stores, AT&T, Best Buy, Radio Shack and Wal-Mart. Perhaps more importantly, we believe availability is improving overseas, with the iPhone 4 set to ship for its first full quarter in China. International demand seems strong into calendar year-end.”

For the quarter ending in December, Reitzes figures Apple will sell 14.8 million iPhones, with sales ramping up after that, assuming the company moves to a multicarrier model in the states. Says Reitzes, “As we move into C1Q we continue to believe it is quite likely that we will see the iPhone introduced on Verizon in the US which should continue sales momentum. By CY-end 2011, we believe Apple will have more than 2 carriers in the US, which could help its market share vs. Android significantly.”