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Oracle Co-President on SAP’s Damages Offer: “It’s Crazy”

Whatever points SAP managed to score in its high-stakes legal battle with Oracle Monday–by introducing an email from Oracle President Safra Catz suggesting the company had not lost any large customers to its German competitor after it bought TomorrowNow–dropped off the board when Catz finally took the stand herself.

Called as a witness for Oracle, Catz reiterated an earlier point made by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, saying that had SAP licensed the materials that its TomorrowNow subsidiary ultimately pilfered, it would have cost “billions.” She also reminded SAP’s legal team that her email on SAP/TomorrowNow as a competitive threat was written without knowing about TomorrowNow’s copyright infringement.

Worse, she dismissed SAP’s offer of $40 million in damages as laughable. “SAP paying us damages of $40 million would be a reward for their bad behavior. “It’s like taking someone’s $2,000 watch and hocking it for $20, and then offering to give us $20. It’s crazy. It completely undervalues the entire basis for our industry.”

A powerful jab, and one that’s making the rounds in media reports on the trial today.