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Google CEO’s Advice to the Street-View Shy: The Video

Earlier this morning, I wrote about Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s suggestion that people who don’t like the company publishing pictures of their homes and businesses on its Street View service should move to protect their privacy.

That post was based on a “Parker Spitzer” show highlight clip that disappeared from when the broadcast version of the Schmidt interview was finally published. Sadly, that final cut did not include Schmidt’s helpful suggestion for combating Street View anxiety. An odd omission, considering Google’s admission on the same day as the interview that its Street View cars had intercepted even more payload information from open Wi-Fi connections than originally thought.

In any event, below you’ll find the excerpt and Schmidt’s quote in all its creepy glory.

Oh, one last thing for the conspiracy minded. CNN says Google did not ask that Schmidt’s remark be removed from the broadcast version of the show. “Producers routinely make editorial decisions about what sound bites to include in their shows,” a spokesperson told me via email. “In this case, the clip was posted on and disseminated to other media outlets and was widely available.”