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Adobe Chief Pours Cold Water on Microsoft Merger Talk

The prospect of Adobe being acquired by Microsoft may get tech bloggers and investors all worked up, but it’s not going to happen, says Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. The Redmond behemoth is a good buddy, said Narayen, but just one of many, and Adobe has no intention of getting hitched.

“You know, we value our independence, and we continue to think that we just have tremendous opportunities ahead of us as a company,” Narayen said in an interview with Fox Business Network today. “The macro trends that are driving our business, creating content, monetizing it, managing it, and delivering that value to our customers, that is what we’re focused on as a company. We have tremendous strategic partnerships not just with Microsoft. We have partnerships with Google and with Apple, as well as with all media companies who use our creative tools to produce content….

“We partner with Microsoft and the partnership with Microsoft is all about making sure that our creative applications, which are the best-selling creative applications in the world, work really well on the Windows platform. So, that is the nature of the partnership with Microsoft.”