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Windows Phone 7 Launches on October 11–With AT&T and T-Mobile? [UPDATED]

Well, those early reports were right about one thing: October 11th is indeed the day that Microsoft will debut its new Windows Phone 7 operating system at an event in New York City . But they were evidently wrong about the carrier partner the company chose to join it on stage. Because according to the event invitation (click on image below to enlarge), it’s not AT&T, but T-Mobile. In fact, AT&T isn’t mentioned anywhere in the document, which promises attendees an “exclusive showing of T-Mobile powered Windows Phone 7 devices.”

What happened? AT&T was to be the initial exclusive U.S. carrier of Windows Phone 7 smartphones, wasn’t it? And if that was the case, presumably the company would attend the worldwide launch event. But evidently it’s not. Why?

UPDATE I: Looks like AT&T is joining Microsoft in WP7 launch festivities, just at a different event held earlier in the day. (Click image to enlarge.)

UPDATE II: Well, this is interesting. Now T-Mobile has disappeared from that first invite I linked to. I’ve asked Microsoft for an explanation and will update here if I’m offered one.

UPDATE III: Now, Microsoft has put the invitation in question behind a curtain. But, never fear, I took screenshots of the T-Mobile and non-T-Mobile versions, which you can view below.

UPDATE IV: This just in from T-Mobile: “T-Mobile has indicated support for Windows Phone 7 and will announce details of our Window Phone 7 offering on Oct. 11.” Keystone Kops …