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If Google Is the Inverse of Apple, Then is Eric Schmidt the Inverse of Steve Jobs?

schmidtdifFor those among us who don’t yet understand Google’s mobile strategy, CEO Eric Schmidt has a helpful postulate: Google is the inverse of Apple.

And since, as Schmidt argued at TechCrunch Disrupt yesterday, “Apple’s core strategy is closedness,” it follows that Google’s is open.

“With Apple’s model–which works extremely well, as I know as a former Apple board member–you have to use their development tools, their platform, their software, their hardware,” Schmidt explained. “When you submit an application, they have to approve it. You have to use their distribution. That’s not open….The inverse would be open.”

And that would be the model touted by Google. Of course, Google (GOOG) is really only open when it comes to products it doesn’t make much money on. So in that sense its strategy is also the inverse of Apple’s (AAPL), which generates quite a bit of revenue.

See? As Schmidt said, this open thing is “much easier to understand by opposition.”

Think Different. Think Closedness.