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Your Momma’s So Simple, She Uses Apple TV

There’s plenty of room in the market for Apple TV and Google TV both, because the two devices appeal to different audiences. This according to Intel (INTC) CEO Paul Otellini, who sees Google (GOOG) TV appealing to geeks and the newly revamped Apple (AAPL) TV appealing to, well, grannies.

“It seems like he [Apple CEO Steve Jobs] actually took a step backward from the paradigm he had with the first Apple TV, which was much more of a computer,” Otellini told The Wall Street Journal. “Google TV…is a whole different approach. It’s the full Internet, integrated seamlessly with live content. I think it’s a very powerful model. But I also believe there are probably households that one will appeal to and the other won’t. My mom might use an Apple TV because it’s really simplistic. My son is probably going to go buy a Google TV, simply because it’s cool. He wants to be able to do his Facebook chat and talk to his friends, saying ‘Hey, are you watching the game?’ in real time. You cannot do that on Apple TV.”

Whatever you say, Mr. Google board member

Incidentally, Otellini says Google TV devices are to begin shipping this month, which is a bit earlier than expected, I think.