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Apple Building 2 Million iPads per Month, but Shooting for 3 Million

Shocked” by demand for the iPad after it launched, Apple (AAPL) has ramped up production of the device to meet it, but there’s work left to do yet. Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty says Apple recently doubled its monthly iPad builds to two million. And while that’s likely the reason we saw iPad shipping times fall from three to five days to within 24 hours of purchase, the company evidently wants to have still more product on hand. Says Huberty, “Apple recently indicated to its suppliers a desire to move to 3 million per month in C4Q10. This implies a run rate of 36 million in CY11, close to the current 40 million supply chain forecast.”

Seems, then, that it’s not slowing demand that has pushed the supply-demand ratio into equilibrium as sum have suggested, but increased production.