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Great–An Immobile Mobile TV iPad App

“It’s a software set-top box.”

That’s how Verizon (VZ) CTO Shaygan Kheradpir describes the company’s FIOS TV app, which will bring live TV to Apple’s (AAPL) iPad–as long as you’re already a FIOS subscriber.

And you’re using the app inside your own home.

After all, watching TV shows on an iPad while at home is pretty much the same thing as watching them on a second television. A savvy argument to make to media companies reticent about offering their programming on new platforms without some additional compensation. And once you take the iPad out of the home–you know, where a FIOS app would actually be useful? Well, I guess we’ll get there when we get there.

Indeed. “Those are different rights,” Verizon consumer-strategy planner Shawn Strickland told The Wall Street Journal. “When you take it outside the home, those are really different discussions.”

[Image Credit: NewTeeVee]