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Comfortably Dumb

If there’s a Pink Floyd tune running through the minds of digital-music retailers right now, it’s probably “Wish You Were Here.” The band has pulled its post-“Dark Side of the Moon” catalog from Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes music store, Amazon (AMZN), et al., following the expiration of its distribution contract with EMI. Gone are “Wish You Were Here,” “Animals,” “The Final Cut” and “The Wall”–which Floyd bassist Roger Waters is taking on the road this fall. And the band will not allow the songs to return until it strikes a new deal with EMI or another label that will “preserve the artistic integrity of its albums”–in other words, one that doesn’t permit individual track sales.

Either that, or the band gets a large enough check to put concerns about artistic integrity aside.

Until that’s all worked out, here’s some just-posted video of Waters performing some Floyd classics with former bandmate David Gilmour this past summer at a Hoping Foundation benefit.

[Image credit: Gerald Scarfe]