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Someone Should Tell Handseeing That Apple Doesn’t Like Chatty Acquisition Targets

acquisitions_phag_thumbHeard of Handseeing? A gaming company in Chengdu, China that makes something called JGnet, an application engine for Web games and “super graphics communities”–whatever those are? Me neither.

But Apple (AAPL) has, and it’s reportedly looking to buy it. Handseeing executives tell Reuters and China’s Xinhua News Agency the two companies have been in acquisition talks. “We should have a decision in about one or two months,” Handseeing Vice President of operations Tian Bo told the publication. “They’re still talking about it and it’s not quite settled yet right now.”

Why is Apple interested in Handseeing? That’s not entirely clear. For its intellectual property, perhaps. Or to begin development of its own games for iOS. Or to gain a foothold in the Chinese gaming market. Of those three options, the first seems most likely.

Of course there is one other option: Apple isn’t interested in Handseeing at all, and the Chinese company, which is said to be courting other investors, is just talking out of its hat to bolster interest.