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What’s Flat and Touchy and Microsoft All Over?

A pair of image fragments posted to the @msfthardware Twitter account along with some cryptic comments (one, two) about a future product release have gadget watchers wondering what new piece of kit the company has in the pipeline.

When joined, the fragments appear to reveal a thin, rectangular device bearing the Microsoft (MSFT) brand. Offered up along with this teasing tweet–“Don’t be so touchy…flat is where it’s at”–the mystery gadget would seem to be some sort of multitouch mouse or perhaps Microsoft’s take on Apple’s (AAPL) recently released Magic Trackpad.

But honestly, it’s tough to say. At first glance, the composite image also looks like the back of a smartphone or media player…or a remote control…or an electric razor…or a pancake griddle. Could be anything, really. Any ideas?