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Apple No. 3 in Mobile Market (If iPads Are Included)

According to IDC’s June survey, Apple is the seventh-largest player in the global portable computing market–if the iPad is excluded from the measurement. If it’s included, the market rankings turn out quite differently.

Add the 3.27 million iPads Apple (AAPL) sold in the quarter to its 2.47 million MacBooks and MacBook Pros, says Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore, and Apple becomes the third-largest player. That puts it above Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell (DELL) and below Hewlett Packard (HPQ) and Acer in terms of global unit share. And with iPad sales the way they are and the device’s international roll-out well under way, the company is poised to climb higher still (click images to enlarge).

“Our retail checks suggest this share shift continues in July, where the iPad is directly cannibalizing demand for other vendors’ notebook products,” Whitmore writes. “Remarkably, Apple’s traditional MacBook business posted accelerated unit growth on a Y/Y basis in 2Q despite the launch of the iPad while every other Top 5 vendor slowed. Apple’s iPad ramped to an $8B+ annual revenue run rate in just 1 quarter. While we wait for competitive responses to the iPad (from HP, Asus, Acer, etc), we expect strong iPad uptake to extend globally as it is launched in additional countries / channels, supporting further share gains for Apple in the broader ‘converged mobility’ market.”

[Image credits: Deutsche Bank and Gizmodo commenter modestmouse]