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You Got Your iPhone 4 Today? Yeah, That’s a Mistake.

“Xmas has come early because my iPhone 4 just arrived.” So reads a post to Twitter written by attorney Gil Cabrera, who received his new iPhone this morning–two days before it was expected and a day ahead of the early delivery Apple (AAPL) promised in an email message to some customers this morning.

Sadly for Cabrera, receiving the device early didn’t mean he could start using it early. “Oh cruelty,” he wrote in some later posts to Twitter. “Apparently, the #iphone4 arrived in error early and I cannot activate it until tomorrow! That’s just wrong!…Called Apple and the rep was like you have the iPhone 4? Yea, that’s a mistake.

UPDATE: Looks like Gabe finally got his iPhone 4 up and running. “Apple Rep just got me activated. Had to restart my computer (felt like I had a windows machine for a minute) and presto,” he said in a post to Twitter this afternoon.

[Image credit: Gil Cabrera]

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