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New iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Now Delayed to July 14 [UPDATED]

Apple has again adjusted the shipping date for new iPhone 4 pre-orders. After changing it from June 24 to July 2 early this morning, the company pushed the date even further back. The new date, according to the Apple Store: July 14.

So as I said earlier today, if you want an iPhone 4 by June 24th, but didn’t manage to order one yesterday, best grab a beach chair and get in line. Might want to bring a sleeping bag, too, given this new date.

Curious that Apple (AAPL) would adjust the device’s shipping date twice in such quick succession. Did extraordinary demand drive the company to do so? Or another issue–perhaps the same one that made the white iPhone 4 unavailable for pre-order?

UPDATE: According to Best Buy’s iPhone 4 Pre-order FAQ, the retailer is no longer accepting pre-orders “effective immediately.”