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Nearly Two Billion Tweets a Month; Giddy Foursquare Mayors Suspected

Here’s a promising metric for Twitter and its newly launched advertising system: The microblogging service hosted nearly two billion tweets in May. This according to Twitter itself and analytics house Pingdom, which says tweet volume is about double what it was last December (see chart below; click to enlarge).

These days, Twitter is carrying some 64 million tweets per day, 2.7 million tweets per hour, 44,481 tweets per minute, and 741 tweets per second. Which is impressive.

“Maybe Twitter won’t quite be able to reach the almost six billion tweets per month we’ve predicted for the end of the year, but it’s clear that the Twitter platform is still growing at a healthy pace,” Pingdom analysts note. “Close to doubling the volume of monthly tweets in the last six months is no small feat.”

Indeed. And that growth has got to be encouraging for a company hoping to justify its rich valuation by selling its audience to advertisers. Now if it could only figure out how to manage it a bit better. Ironically, the service has been suffering latency and availability issues today.

[Image Credits: Pingdom, Scarletbits]