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Bad News, Steve. You Know My iPhone HD Prototype? Well, I Was Celebrating My Birthday at This Bar in Hanoi…

If it’s true that Apple CEO Steve Jobs personally monitors the list of employees who have permission to take pre-release versions of the company’s products off campus, he might want to raise his standards for inclusion a bit. Because the company seems to have lost yet another next-generation iPhone prototype.

Photos of the intact device and a teardown were posted to the Vietnamese forum, Taoviet, yesterday, and they look genuine, though obviously, there’s no way of knowing for sure.

The prototype is nearly identical to the one lost in a German ale house and subsequently purchased by Gizmodo, though it’s a bit more polished. It features the same iPad-esque glass and aluminum design and a chip with an “APL0398” designation–the same one found on the iPad’s A4 system-on-chip. It lacks the two screws so prominent on the Gizmodo device, which suggests it may be a near-final production model.

Again, there’s no way to be certain. But I imagine we’ll find out for sure during Apple’s (AAPL) Worldwide Developers Conference keynote address, the traditional venue for introducing new iPhones.

Below, photos and video of the device.

[Image/video credit: Taoviet.nv]