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Whoever Built the “Toy Story 3” Web Site in Flash, Please Report to HR Immediately–and Bring Everything in Your Desk With You

As Disney’s largest shareholder and most prominent board member, Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs may have left his fingerprints all over the media giant’s new retail strategy, but they aren’t quite so visible on its Web strategy.

Certainly, Disney’s (DIS) Web design team doesn’t seem to have received Jobs’s recent memo on Adobe (ADBE) Flash, because its site for the upcoming Pixar film, “Toy Story 3,” appears to have been built using Flash. Below, the official “Toy Story 3” Web site as viewed on an iPad:

[Image credit: John Gruber]

UPDATE: That was fast. Looks like Disney’s tweaked the site to support the iPad. As of 1:46 PM PST the site works just fine on Apple’s new device.

UPDATE: Disney claims today’s cock-up was the result of a technical glitch that “led some iPad users to be inadvertently redirected to the Flash-based site, instead of the iPad enabled site.”