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Palm Pre Plus Priced to Not Move at AT&T

How will Palm’s Pre Plus fare against Apple’s iPhone on the latter’s home turf? We’ll soon out.

AT&T said today that it will begin peddling the Palm (PALM) Pre Plus on May 16. Price: $150 after contract and mail-in rebate, which seems a bit high for a device that can be purchased from Verizon (VZ) for $29 along with free Mobile Hotspot service, or from Amazon (AMZN) for one cent.

That said, AT&T (T) is, for a limited time, offering a free Touchstone charging dock to anyone who buys a Pre Plus from one of its retail store.

That’s something, I suppose. Though it seems far too little, far too late at this point. As I wrote earlier this year, “Given the iPhone’s high profile on AT&T and rumors that Apple (AAPL) is prepping a new iteration of the device for summer release, one wonders if Palm’s smartphones will be anything more than an afterthought for the carrier and its customers.”

Interestingly, AT&T’s announcement says nothing about the Pixi Plus, which it had also planned to add to its lineup. Has it been dropped, or will AT&T add the handset at a later date?