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Google: Can Someone Help Us Out With This “Social” Thing?

It’s no secret that Google’s social networking strategy could…use a few more friends.

Where rivals like Facebook have succeeded in capitalizing on social relationships and interactions online, Google has largely failed. While “big in Brazil,” the company’s social network, Orkut, doesn’t have much traction anywhere else–it certainly can’t be considered a rival to Facebook. And after its privacy-violating launch, Buzz–Google’s latest social networking service–doesn’t appear to be much of a play in the social space, either.

No surprise, then, to learn that Google (GOOG) is looking for someone to refine its social strategy and perhaps better leverage the social network that already exists in services like Gmail. From GigaOm comes word that the company is recruiting for a new “Head of Social” position, a senior post charged with:

1) building an innovative offering specifically in this area; or 2) developing the capability and integrating social into Google’s existing portfolio.

A wise move, I think, if it’s not too late–and I don’t think it is. After all, the company has some big social assets, Gmail and YouTube, for example. It just hasn’t yet been able to leverage them with the decentralized social network that it’s clearly angling for. Perhaps, some new blood will help Google do that.