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Apple’s iPad: Angel or Cannibal?

Apple (AAPL) investors worried that the company’s new iPad might cannibalize Mac sales can rest a bit easier. Anecdotal evidence suggests that there’s probably not much cause for concern.

UBS analyst Maynard Um surveyed customers in line to buy a 3G iPad in New York on Friday and found that only a handful hoped the iPad would replace their traditional computer. The other 94 percent said they were purchasing the device for Web browsing and personal entertainment. In other words, few people are under the illusion that the iPad is a $499 MacBook or a viable Mac replacement. In that sense, Apple truly has positioned it as a third category of mobile device.

Said Um,”The survey further supports our view that the iPad will not cannibalize Macs & we continue to view the device as a largely incremental growth opportunity for Apple.”

So most likely, the iPad will prove additive for Apple. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it generates a halo-effect around the company’s products similar to that created by the iPod. Certainly that’s the sense one has paying a visit to an Apple Store these days or being spotted with an iPad in public.