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New Dell Smartphones Surprisingly Slick

Dell’s new foray into the smartphone market looks to be a hell of a lot more impressive than you’d expect from a company with a historically lousy industrial design sensibility and lack of software development experience. Information leaked to Engadget reveals that Dell is working on a handful of Android phones, as well as a Windows Phone 7 handset. To a one, they are impressive in design and specs, though two stand out.

A Windows Phone 7 portrait slider, Dell’s “Lightning” (pictured above), features a 4.1-inch OLED display, 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, five-megapixel autofocusing camera, 1GB of flash with 512MB of RAM, GPS, an accelerometer and support for Flash and FM radio.

“Thunder” looks to be Dell’s Android flagship–a touchscreen version of its Lightning sibling. The specs are similar, though it boasts a more powerful eight-megapixel camera, integrated Hulu app and support for onboard photo- and video-editing.

Slick devices, no? They should do much to overcome the antipathy directed by wireless network operators toward Dell’s first smartphone efforts, which were quite a bit duller than the upcoming models.

Could Dell (DELL) actually become a player in the smartphone market?

[Image credits: Engadget]