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Google Buzz Exposes White House Deputy CTO (And Ex-Googler)

This is pretty funny.

Among the many Gmail subscribers to have their private contacts exposed in the Google Buzz privacy fiasco was Andrew McLaughlin, the Obama administration’s deputy chief technology officer and Google’s former head of global public policy.

“So I see a big default privacy flaw in Buzz,” McLaughlin wrote in a Feb. 10 Buzz post uncovered by Breitbart’s Big Government (click on image below to enlarge). “By default, Buzz adds the people you e-mail most as your ‘followers’, and then lists them on your public Google Profile Page. In other words, Google exposes the people you e-mail most, by default, to the world. That violates my sense of expectations–I expect the list of people I e-mail most to be kept private. What should I do? I guess I don’t really have an option other than turning off Buzz. Any other ideas?”

Sure. Here’s one: How about no longer using your former employer’s email service to communicate privately with the folks you once worked with as a lobbyist for Google?
Certainly seems unwise given the mandate of the Presidential Records Act of 1978.

[Buzz image credit: Breitbart’s Big Government]