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China to Google: Please Exit in an Orderly Fashion

If Google’s talks with the Chinese government end with an impasse and the company shutters and ramps down its operations in the country, it best do so properly and according to law. That’s the latest from Beijing, which continues to threaten and posture amid reports that the search giant is on the brink of closing its Chinese search engine.

“On entering the Chinese market…[Google] clearly stated that it would respect Chinese law,” Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said Tuesday. “We hope that whether Google Inc continues operating in China or makes other choices, it will respect Chinese legal regulations….Even if it pulls out, it should handle things according to the rules and appropriately handle remaining issues.”

It’s not clear just what these “remaining issues” are–perhaps some sort of formal notification of withdrawal and the forfeiture of Google’s Internet Content Provider license, which is evidently up for renewal this month. In any event, the rhetoric seems to suggest that Beijing assumes Google (GOOG) will be following through on its “new approach to China” threat relatively soon.