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One in Six iPhone Owners Interested in Buying iPad

AdMob, the mobile advertising company Google acquired last November for $750 million, published its latest mobile metrics report this morning and it offers a bit of insight into future iPad purchasing decisions. One in six of the iPhone owners AdMob surveyed say they intend to purchase Apple’s (AAPL) forthcoming iPad slate. Apple’s sold about 34 million iPhones to date, I think. So one sixth of that is 5.5 million. Not bad.

Among Palm (PALM) device owners, the ratio was lower: One in nine. And among people who own smartphones running Google’s (GOOG) Android OS, it was lower still: One in 17 (see chart; click to enlarge).

So iPhone owners appear far more likely to purchase an iPad. Not much of a revelation, really. But it does lend a bit of credence to Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s claim that the iPad, though a brand new category of device, already has a market in the millions of iPhone and iPod touch users.

Other findings of note from Admob’s report:

  • iPod touch users download an average of 12 apps a month–37 percent more than their iPhone and Android counterparts. They spend far more time using them, too: 100 minutes a day–25 percent more than iPhone and Android users.
  • 91 percent of iPhone users and 88 percent of iPod touch users said they would recommend their device to a friend, compared with 84 percent of Android users and 69 percent of Palm webOS users. Interestingly, AdMob found that owners of webOS smartphones are more than three times more likely not to recommend their devices relative to iPhone OS users.