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Sirius Back Above a Buck

Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) is a penny stock no more. Shares of the satellite radio company rose above $1 this morning, the first time they crossed that threshold since September 2008. As I write this, Sirius shares are trading at $1.07, up 11.46 percent for the day.

Why? Well, sentiment about the company and its prospects are clearly improving now that it has its finances in order. The unexpected increase in subscriber growth the company recently reported is obviously helping as well. Also presumably fueling the rally is increasing confidence that Howard Stern will stick with Sirius, rather than bail for terrestrial radio when his contract expires next year. Beyond that, I’m not entirely sure.

In any event, it seems there’s no longer a need for a reverse stock split to push Sirius above the $1 per share minimum for Nasdaq trading.