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Bing Is Not Google, but It Might Be Yahoo in a Year or Two

Microsoft’s Bing is steadily capturing more of the Web search market, siphoning users away from market leader Google, as well as from its new partner, Yahoo.

According to comScore’s (SCOR) January 2010 core search volume and market share data for the U.S.–as reported by J.P. Morgan’s Imran Khan, Bing’s share of the search market rose to 11.3 percent from 10.7 percent in December. Meanwhile, Google’s share fell to 65.4 percent, from 65.7 percent in December and Yahoo’s to 17 percent, from 17.3 percent. Not significant declines by any means (though Yahoo is down 21 percent year-over-year), but nice little breadcrumbs for Bing to snap up just the same.

Which is not to say that Microsoft (MSFT) will be able to parlay its advance into more meaningful gains. Certainly, it will continue to be dwarfed by Google (GOOG) for the foreseeable future. But perhaps not by Yahoo (YHOO), particularly given the discrepancies in their core search volume. In January, Bing saw its core search volume increase by 49.6 percent, up slightly from 49.4 percent in December. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s core search volume decreased by 8.9 percent, considerably more than the 1.9 percent decline it suffered in December.