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Intel’s CES Chip Blitz

intelcesA city renowned for its excesses, Las Vegas provided the perfect backdrop for the chip bacchanalia held by Intel Thursday. At an event at the Consumer Electronics Show under way here, the chip maker unloaded a slew of new processors, chipsets and wireless adapters–many built with its latest 32-nanometer manufacturing process, which produces faster and more energy-efficient products.

The 25 newcomers shown off include Intel’s (INTC) Core i3 and i5 processors, the former rated at 2.93 and 3.06 gigahertz, the latter at 3.2GHz. Also, talked up at the event: Intel’s new Turbo Boost technology, which allows processors to substantially increase clock speed as high-bandwidth applications come online.

“Turbo is something we’re very proud of,” Sean Maloney, executive VP of the Intel Architecture Group said during the event. “It’s the first time in the mainstream computer industry that we’re dynamically changing the frequency based on the workload.”

An impressive showing for Intel, which is scheduled to report fourth-quarter results next week. And a nasty blow to rival AMD (AMD), whose 32-nanometer chips won’t arrive at market until 2011.