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A Verizon iPhone? If Steve Will Ever Speak to Us Again.

vzcancel-150x150Though the iPhone-slagging ad campaign for its forthcoming Droid handset may make negotiations uncomfortable, Verizon is still very much interested in adding Apple’s iconic device to its smart-phone lineup. During a conference call to discuss third-quarter earnings, CEO Ivan Seidenberg said bringing the iPhone to Verizon (VZ), however, is entirely Apple’s (AAPL) call.

“This is a decision that is exclusively in Apple’s court,” said Seidenberg. “Obviously we would be interested if they thought it would make sense for them to have us as a partner. And so we will leave it with them on that score….We want to broaden the base of choice for customers, and hopefully along the way, Apple, as well as others, will decide to jump on the bandwagon.”