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Imaginary Demand for Mythical Apple Tablet Exceeds All Estimates

aapl_tabletThough it’s not available for purchase and its specs and form factor aren’t yet known, Apple’s mythical tablet device is in high demand. In fact, according to an RBC Capital/ChangeWave survey, many of us would buy one, given the opportunity and the right price.

“A significant number of buyers–21 percent (3,100 respondents)–would be interested in purchasing a Mac tablet priced at $500-700,” RBC analyst Mike Abramsky wrote in a message to clients this morning. He noted as well that this is far above the nine percent who professed to be interested in the original iPhone in an April 2007 survey. The promising early interest illustrates the market opportunity for a Mac-based tablet, Abramsky said.

Assuming, of course, Apple (AAPL) plans to bring one to market.