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Palm Pay Developers to Write Apps for webOS? “Rubbish.”

ruby_wadofcashLots of jawing yesterday over reports that Palm is paying developers to bring their mobile apps to the webOS platform. In an interview with TechCrunch earlier this week, the founders of CitySourced–a “real time mobile civic engagement tool”–suggested that Palm is paying them to develop for it (how much? “Under $500,000”).

An interesting claim. Certainly, Palm’s new platform would benefit from some new developers, and offering them a bit of cash to come on board isn’t unprecedented. Remember, KPCB manages a $100 million iFund that’s driving development for the iPhone OS from Apple (AAPL).

But according to the folks I’ve spoken with, Palm isn’t paying developers to write apps for webOS. One source inside Palm dismissed the idea that the company would do so as “rubbish.” Three others in a position to know said they’d never heard of such an incentive. And none of the mobile app developers I’ve contacted have been approached by Palm with such an offer or heard of anyone who has been approached.

Odd, isn’t it? Why would Palm (PALM) offer financial incentives to a developer who created an unreleased civic engagement tool and not to one who offers a popular game? Or a killer productivity app? Or an iTunes App Store top seller?

CitySourced has not responded to repeated requests for comment and clarification.