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“I’m Peggy Olson and I Want to Smoke Some Marijuana.”

olsonThat line of dialogue from the upcoming episode of AMC drama “Mad Men” is destined to be repeated over and over again when the program officially airs on Aug. 30, though it has begun making the rounds already thanks to Apple’s iTunes. Seems a glitch with the service delivered the unaired third episode, called “My Old Kentucky Home,” to “Mad Men” Season Pass subscribers just before midnight on Tuesday. That’s a full 13 days before it was scheduled to air. And five days before the air date of the second episode intended to precede it.

Apple (AAPL) was quick to correct the error and an irked AMC issued the following statement about it:

“The third episode of ‘Mad Men’’s new season was made available prematurely to some iTunes Season Pass holders for a short time late last night. We urge those who received this episode in error to please refrain from spoiling plot lines out of respect to other ‘Mad Men’ fans who are looking forward to watching the story unfold.”