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Area Netbook Owner Still Waiting for Final Cut Studio 2 to Load

netbook-hp What’s the difference between a netbook and a notebook? If you know the answer, you’re in the minority…of netbook owners. According to a survey by market research outfit The NPD Group, 60 percent of consumers who purchased netbooks assumed they would function just like regular laptops. Consequently, only 58 percent were satisfied with their purchases, compared to 70 percent of consumers who purchased traditional notebooks.

It would seem then that the so-called “fastest-growing segment of the PC market” is also the most misunderstood. For what is a netbook but an underpowered laptop or a giant Gallagher-sized smartphone? Consumers are intrigued by the netbook’s low prices, but they don’t understand its value proposition.

“We need to make sure consumers are buying a PC intended for what they plan to do with it,” said NPD’s Stephen Baker. “There is a serious risk of cannibalization in the notebook market that could cause a real threat to netbooks’ success. Retailers and manufacturers can’t put too much emphasis on PC-like capabilities and general features that could convince consumers that a netbook is a replacement for a notebook. Instead, they should be marketing mobility, portability, and the need for a companion PC to ensure consumers know what they are buying and are more satisfied with their purchases.”