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Palm Pre on June 5?

pre-launch-unconfirmedThe release of Palm’s bet-the-company handset, the Pre, is imminent–perhaps as soon as June 5, if a document obtained by Boy Genius Report turns out to be the real deal. According to a staff schedule allegedly from inside Palm (PALM), the company will begin preparations for the launch of the Pre on June 3, culminating in a celebratory all-caps LAUNCH LUNCH on June 5.

A few things worth noting: The document features a misspelling. Is that an honest error, a canary trap or proof that the doc is bogus? No idea. June 5 is just three days before Apple’s (AAPL) Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off, the occasion at which the company is expected to announce its next-generation iPhone.

Now, it’s doubtful Palm would debut the Pre on the same day as a big Apple event that will drown us all in a deluge of iPhone and is-Steve-Jobs-OK-or-not news and speculation. But would it launch it a couple days prior?