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Is Microsoft Office Coming to the iPhone? Yes. Didn’t You Hear Us the First Time?

Is Microsoft truly committed to bringing its major productivity applications to mobile devices? Of course it is. Will Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone be one of them? Absolutely. How can I say that with such certainty? Well, because Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft’s Business Division, hinted at Web 2.0 Expo yesterday that it would be. But more importantly, because Microsoft formally announced it last November. From the Microsoft Office Web Applications Q&A:

Q: Do the Office Web Applications require Internet Explorer?

A: No! Office Web applications will work across multiple platforms and browsers including Safari and Firefox, too.

Q: Will the Office Web Applications work on the iPhone?

A: Yes, in the Safari web browser.”

OK, sure it’s not a native app, but Microsoft (MSFT) says it will support “lightweight editing,” which is likely all you’d want to do on an iPhone, anyway.